KIG HP Prepared Magnesium Anode

According to the principle of electrochemistry, from magnesium alloy anode material body through the soil, water and electrolyte to protected body such as steel structure provides cathodic current, cause the protection of steel structure of cathode, and realize the cathodic protection.With the constant flow of electric current, anode material consume.This is the origin of the name of the sacrificial anode.Complete sets of magnesium sacrificial anode, by 1, magnesium sacrificial anode ingot a VV - 10 ㎜ 2 cable 3 meters, complete package material 50 kg, cotton pocket 1, plastic woven bag of 1.Or cotton pocket with magnesium sacrificial anode ingot 1 on its core welding VV - 10 ㎜ 2 cable 3 meters 1 root, welding place do insulation processing, and set a heat shrinkable tube.Magnesium sacrificial anode ingot is uniformly distributed around 50 kg package material.Plastic woven bag 1 the cotton bag coat.Magnesium sacrificial anode is suitable for work in soil, freshwater and seawater medium steel facilities of cathodic protection.

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