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KIG anode is located in the ancient city of xi 'an, China,it is a professional company who is engaged in cathodic protection materials production, sales, design and technical advice.

Main products: magnesium alloy sacrificial anode, aluminum alloy sacrificial anode, zinc alloy sacrificial anode,  magnesium rods for water heater  ,  MMO anodes, platinum anode, flexible anode, , test pile, reference electrode, joint box and other cathodic protection related products.

Company has established a set of relatively complete sales and after-sales service system, products being sold more than 30 countries and regions in the world . Our products are mainly used in long distance pipeline, petrochemical, offshore platform, urban pipeline, wharf steel pile, ships, storage tanks, and other cathode protection engineering.

Besides the present products, we have a special service team focusing on service and solutions for foreign customers. We could provide sourcing agent for you, using our mass information base, compare,visit and choose the best for you.


No.1 building, Saigao Guoji, Weiyang Economic-Technological Development Area,Xi'an City, Shannxi, China
Tel:0086-029-38066078     Hotline: 0086-18691833098      web: www.kiganode.com