Platinized titanium anode

Platinized titanium anode 

Platinum-titanium anode is an insoluble anode, the combination of platinum and titanium substrate firmly, stable performance,it can replace the gold, pure platinum anode for gold and other precious metal plating tank.

1.The shape appearance : mesh, plate, tube, rod, the shape of the electrode can be designed according to user requirements

2.Material :

filament, surface silver white, metallic luster

3.Technical Features:

 3.1Current efficiency

 3.2Excellent corrosion resistance

 3.3Electrode long life

 3.4The electrode substrate may be reused several times

4.Technical Parameters:

  4.1Applicable PH value: 0.1-14

  4.2Platinum layer thickness: 0.5-25 microns, depending on customers requirement

  4.3Operating current density: <10000A / m2

  4.4Electrode type: oxygen-type electrode

  4.5Electrode substrate: pure titanium

5. Application

 5.1 Cathodic protection


 5.3Chlorate and perchlorate production

6. Packaging Detail: Carton boxes, or wooden case for export

7. Delivery Detail: 10-20 days after receiving the deposit and all package information confirmed.

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