MMO Ribbon Anode

MMO Ribbon Anode

The MMO anodes are composed of titanium raw material coated with a mixed-metal-oxide coating. 

1. MaterialTi (gr1, gr2, gr5, tc4) , Ru-Ir coating,Ir-Ta coating,PbO2 coating , etc.

2. Technology: Sand Blasting, Acid Washing, Brush Coating

3.Some ready size :



5.Application:  Seawater, Soil, fresh water and brackish water,metal plating.etc. 

6. Features:

1) Stability dimension

2) High chemical stability

3) High anti-corrosion property

4) Long working life, etc.

5) low and uniform coating loss rate: 1-6 mg / A. Current density;

6) It has excellent electrical conductivity

7. Packaging Detail: Carton boxes, or wooden case for export

8. Delivery Detail: 10-20 days after receiving the deposit and all package information confirmed.

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